Jewell County has many funding opportunities that can help you and your new or existing business succeed. Please see below for a list of funding options that are available to you.

Jewell County Revolving Loan Fund

The Jewell County Community Development Association offers a revolving loan fund for business in Jewell County, Kansas. Loan amounts available are $35,000 per job being created/retained up to one-third of project cost; maximum of $100,000 (subject to availability of funds). The interest rate is fixed below the prime rate and the term is 3-7 years for working capital and inventory or 3-15 years for fixed assets.


North Central Regional Planning Commission Revolving Loan Fund

Loan amount of $50,000 per job being created/retained or one-third of project cost, whichever is less. $20,000 minimum/$100,000 maximum loan amount, subject to availability of funds. The interest rate is prime with a floor of 5% and cap of 10%. Amortization available to match bank participation. Primary eligibility requirements include that the bank must make the request for assistance, and there must be creation or retention of jobs. Construction projects require adherence to Davis-Bacon Wage Rates and ADA handicapped accessibility.

Four Rivers NCKBDF Down Payment Assistance Program

This loan program provides down payment assistance for business projects that appear viable. The loan amount is limited to 10% of project cost and up to $25,000, subject to the availability of funds. There is a minimum request of $5000. The interest rate is fixed at 5% and the term is based on project need. Primary eligibility requirements include a minimum of 10% from the applicant/borrower, bank request for assistance, and good personal credit history. This loan is unsecured with owners as co-borrowers.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.


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