Congrats 2017 Grads!

May 2017

In honor of graduation, I am going to say something that many of us in Jewell County don’t say enough…we want you back.  The statement, we want you back, is aimed at our Rock Hills High School graduates and Jewell County youth that go to other schools.  We want you back is channeled at all Jewell County alumni.


On behalf of Jewell County Community Development, I extend an invitation to all area graduates to consider, when you are ready, the opportunities we have here in Jewell County.  Opportunities like unmatched appreciation for your entrepreneurial spirit and ideas.  With telecommuting and remote work through the Internet, there are more professional opportunities than ever for working from a rural area and being competitive Nationally/Internationally.  So, work from somewhere with a smaller commute, a safer environment, and affordable housing.  If you’re an alumni, look for those telecommute possibilities through your current employer, you might be surprised what you find.  Then travel in your off-time to even more entertainment.


Opportunities like less restrictive building permits and overhead.  Not to mention access to some amazing and available buildings throughout the County.  Opportunities like succeeding a successful Jewell County business, who’s owner is looking at retiring out.  If you have the talent in the field, professions like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, home builders, and mechanics can make an excellent living.  Sometimes, these professions even make more than someone can with a four-year degree.  If you have skills that match a current Jewell County business owner who is close to retirement age, approach them.  Let them know you have seen their hard work, you appreciate it, and you would be interested in learning more.  Come somewhere where you are valued and appreciated, because after you have been out in life awhile, you find that this is rare.


This might be something that you don’t hear every day too, we want you to explore your possibilities.  Yes, we actually want you to go out into the world, go to college, land that amazing job, and travel.  Sometimes you have to see what’s out there to really appreciate what you have in Jewell County.  You need to explore different jobs to develop your skills, learn what you don’t like, and find your passion.  Then if you want to come back (or never leave), do that.  There is no shame in being “Rural by Choice”, it just means you value the things that rural can offer you.



Best of luck to the Class of 2017!


Jewell County Community Development is here to assist you. If we can help in any way, please contact our office at (785) 378-7036 or e-mail us at Also, “like” us on Facebook by searching Jewell County Community Development and stay up-to-date on area jobs, events, news and more.

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Also, don’t forget to get on the Rural Opportunity Zone (ROZ) waiting list if you are ready to return.  More information can be found here:

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