April 2017 Assisted Living Meeting

Assisted Living Meeting Well Attended – April 13, 2017

Meeting Presentation

A group of around thirty Jewell County residents gathered at the Mankato Community Center on April 13, 2017 to hear results of the 2016 Assisted Living Survey that was distributed Countywide and hear from the potential developer that it helped to attract.

Jewell County Community Development Coordinator (JCCDA), Jenny Russell, started the meeting off by sharing some statistics from the Assisted Living Survey that Jewell County residents completed in 2016. The survey was made available by a generous grant from Dane G. Hansen Foundation.  JCCDA requested the survey in response to a perceived need for Assisted Living based upon community conversations and the fact that the 2010 census showed that 28% of the Jewell County Population was over the age of seventy-five (the National average is 14.5%).  Results of the survey showed that there were seventy-three likely candidates for Assisted Living in Jewell County.  One third or 32.65% of Jewell County residents over the age of seventy-five responded.  The study also showed the demand for Assisted Living would remain stable through the coming years.  The amenities that were most requested by respondents included housekeeping, meals, and apartment-style living.  The goal was to bring in senior services that would complement the offerings that Jewell County Hospital already provides.

John Grace of Sun Porch and GraceTeam LLC, a not-for-profit corporation and private company based in Topeka.   Their mission is to serve elders in an honorable way through the Green House model of senior living.  The Green House model provides a modern private apartment-style living, with more freedoms, as well as a country-style kitchen for socialization.  This model of Assisted Living provides a better quality of care to residents.

A committee of County residents is being formed to develop the project further, locate possible land, and figure out financing of the project that could require up to $500,000 in donations, grants, and other funding from the community.

For questions, please contact Jenny at jccda@nckcn.com or 785-378-7036.

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