2018 Internship Opportunity for Businesses & Students

Jewell County businesses who might consider an intern for their business and/or want to start considering trying someone out for their retirement replacement can apply now through December 31st for Nex-Gen Round Up for Youth Interns.

Additionally, do you know a student who would like to be considered for an internship in the summer of 2018 back in Jewell County?  If so, please pass this opportunity along to them. Requests for an internship are due by March 1st.

Here is where to apply:   https://www.nex-tech.com/Portals/0/COMMUNITY/Nex-Gen_Business-Intern-Request-Application.pdf

Specifics about the program outlined on the Business Instructions form on the Nex-Tech website.

They are taking requests for summer 2018 now and it is a competitive process, since there are a limited number of interns funded.   The purpose of the grants is to offset the business’ costs of hiring an intern.  This year, they were able to fund up to 26 of the 33 positions.  The remaining positions were funded by business partners, local economic development foundations, and participating businesses that wanted in the program but were able to self-fund.  It is required that each intern be paid a minimum of $10 per hour.


Please let me know if you have additional questions.  I would be happy to meet with you to go over any details further.


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