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Important Dates to Remember – 2017 Jewell County E-Fair

Videos to help you for the Entrepreneurship Fair

Sept 20th – E-Fair Prep Presentation


Business Plan Resources

Template Business Plan

Example Business Plan

Business Plans Made Simple

Marketing Resources

Basics of Marketing 


Financial Resources

Can you make a profit?


Finding Your E-Fair Idea

How to choose an idea for a business (from BizKids website):

  1. Do you prefer working outdoors?_________________________________________________
    If so, you may want to consider careers like lifeguard, gardener, park ranger, or other outdoor careers.
  2. Are you good at speaking to people, do you like talking on the phone? ___________________
    If so, you may want to look at marketing, public relations, teaching, and other communication careers.
  3. Do you like working with animals? ________________________________________________
    If so, you may want to explore careers in veterinary offices, zoos, or other careers working with animals.
  4. Are you an athlete or entertainer? ________________________________________________
    If yes, you may wish to consider a sports related career, music, ac+ng, or other performance careers.
  5. Do you speak multiple languages? ________________________________________________
    If yes, you may wish to consider a job as a translator, a localization expert, or other language careers.
  6. Can you think of another question that might help you narrow down your career search? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  7.  What careers would fit well with the question you wrote above? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
  8. Entrepreneurs start their own business. Would you be a good entrepreneur? Why or why not?
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