2017 E-Fair Results
The Jewell County Entrepreneurship Fair was held November 15th at Rock Hills High School. Businesses from around the county contributed to the cash prizes for the event that is meant to inspire our students to dream bigger about their futures, hopefully in Jewell County.
Emma Reinert placed first with her business idea for Emma Etc., a communications company.
Second place went to Mezvah Nobi and Chase Slate for their Crazy Bumper Boats business that provided another kid-specific activity for fairs and carnivals. Zane Colson and Jackson Chance came in third with Zane’s Crazy Lumber Jacks which is a pasture clearing and lumber extraction business. Fourth place went to Derric Luong with a cleaning service called Mankato’s Maids.
Thank you to all of the students, faculty, judges, tabulators, and Growing Jewell County Committee members that made the day a success. Thank you too to the sponsors for the day which included those on the ad for the event:
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