2017 Jewell County E-Fair

The 2017 Jewell County Entrepreneurship Fair will be on November 15th at Rock Hills High School in Mankato. This event encourages youth to think of new business ideas that can hopefully be done/brought back to Jewell County. The goal is this effort is to bring youth back, to expand the businesses in the area, and to grow the economy.

The Entrepreneurship Fair targets high school age students and helps them to develop a business idea and plan that could be successful in Jewell County. This will be the forth year for the event. We surveyed students after the first three years and the information showed that the E-Fair has made a significant difference in how students view Jewell County when thinking of careers and opportunities.

  • STUDENTS Are you a student who is thinking of doing a project for the E-Fair?  Resources are located here.
  • SPONSORS  Does your business (or yourself) want to help business-minded kids in Jewell County while also getting some positive publicity? Consider becoming a sponsor for the 2017 Jewell County Entrepreneurship Fair in November. Sponsorship confirmations are due back by October 1st.  Here is more information on becoming an E-Fair sponsor.


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