November 2017 Round Grantees

The local committee met at the end of November to assign grant money from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

The money received has been assigned for the following Jewell County community projects:

  • The Esbon Rural Fire District #3 was awarded $4,400 for radios and pagers.
  • The City of Jewell was awarded $4,170 to enhance public spaces and signage for Lake Emerson.
  • Jewell County EMS was awarded $3,800 to purchase video laryngoscopes.
  • The City of Formoso was awarded $6,000 to tear down a dilapidated building that is threatening to damage the Formoso Fire Department Building.
  • The Mankato City Library was awarded $3,900 to book activities for a new summer music and arts festival.
  • Mankato Garden Club was awarded $2,500 to complete the downtown beautification program.
  • Smoky Hills Public Television was awarded $500 to provide books to children enrolled in preschool at Rock Hills Elementary School and provide educational TV programs for children in Jewell County.
  • The City of Burr Oak was awarded $4,819 for a Garden Bench Project for 6 all-weather outdoor benches.
  • The City of Jewell was awarded $2,977.33 for improvements to the Jewell Public Library to improve access to the genealogy section and expand the children’s activity area.
  • The City of Esbon was awarded $500 and a letter of support to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for a public bathroom.
  • Jewell County Fair Board was awarded $5,000 to replace the deteriorating roof material and support posts on the exhibit building at the fairgrounds.
  • The City of Jewell was awarded $4,106 for a public use color copy machine, a City website and logo.
  • The City of Mankato was awarded $5,232 for folding chairs, dollies, paint and guest chairs for the City office public meeting rooms.
  • The City of Webber was awarded $2,096 for an outdoor grill and set up at the Webber City Park.


The next round of Dane G. Hansen grants for Jewell County for $50,000 will be this coming spring.  Look for more information coming soon.  You can check out for an overview of what the Dane G. Hansen Foundation does for Jewell County.

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