November 2016 Round Grantees

Another round of grants were given to Jewell County organization in November, thanks to the generosity of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation in Jewell County.  The following grants were awarded:

The City of Esbon was awarded $2,580 to purchase 3 automatic external defibrillators and train volunteers to use them.
The City of Mankato was awarded $5,000 for the Volunteer Fire Department lights, sirens, communication equipment and slide out train for newly purchased fire truck.
Jewell County Fired District #6 was awarded $4,161 for a Hale HPX200-B18 Fire Pump to satisfy insurance standards.
City of Esbon was awarded $34o to replace lights in Christmas decorations with energy efficient LED lights.
Jewell County Fire District #5 was awarded $4,161 for a Hale HPX200-B18 Fire Pump to satisfy insurance standards.
City of Jewell was awarded $10,000 for a downtown improvement project to get rid of three unsafe buildings for public safety.
City of Burr Oak was awarded $2,444 to transform a dangerous, unsightly lot into a beautiful playground/picnic park.
Jewell County Memorial VFW Auxiliary 7830 was awarded $1,544 for banquet tables and an electric oven.
City of Burr Oak was awarded $8,500 for air conditioning system at the Community Center.
Rock Hills High School/Ag Education Department was awarded $2,500 for a new welder.
Rock Hills Elementary School was awarded $1,500 to provide flexible seating in the 3rd grade classroom.
K-State Research & Extension was awarded $475 and $1,900 to provide soil sampling tools to be kept in the Jewell County Post Rock Extension Office and available to Jewell County farmers and purchase a set of weights to be used for the Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Program for seniors.
Caldwell Cemetery Board was awarded $1,100 toward helping to erect a white fence around the property.  They are looking for people who have a loved ones buried at the cemetery south of Formoso or have a special connection to the property to help finish the project with donations.  If you are interested in helping, please contact the Jewell County Community Development office at 785-378-7036 or
First Baptist Church in Mankato was awarded $1,400 to purchase lightweight tables and chairs for the community-use fellowship hall.
Jewell County Hospital was awarded $6,500 to remodel the admissions area of the hospital to accommodate handicapped patients and employees.

Please be watching for another possible round in spring 2016.

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