June 2016 Round Grantees

The Committee met on Wednesday, June 15 at 3:45 p.m. at the Mankato City building. Those present were: Katy Kitchen from the Greater Salina Community Foundation, Mark Fleming, Jewell County Commissioner, and Jenny Russell, Kristin Underwood, Susan Flinn and Lisa Goodheart all representing Jewell County Community Development Association.

The City of Formoso was awarded $1,955 for a sign and new skates for the skating rink.
The City of Formoso was awarded $2,540 for a Formoso sign.
The City of Jewell was awarded $4,894 for a Jewell sign.
Jewell County Cinema, Inc. was awarded $5,000 for restroom renovation. Lisa Goodheart and Kristin Underwood abstained from voting.
Post Rock Extension District was awarded $750 to present a “Farm Succession Planning Seminar”.
The City of Mankato was awarded $1,240 for plaques for Arbor Day trees.
The Mankato Chamber of Commerce was awarded $3,066 for the Community Garden.
Rock Hills Boy Scout Troop 46 was awarded $4,000 for equipment.
The City of Mankato was awarded $3,640 for improvements to the City Park.
The Jewell County Fair Board was awarded $3,700 toward a new announcer Crow’s Nest at the fairgrounds. Lisa Goodheart abstained from voting.
The City of Webber was awarded $10,000 toward a public toilet in the City Park. A letter of support will be sent to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation on their behalf.
The Jewell County Health Department was awarded $5,110 for an acoustic screening booth for hearing tests.
The above awards total $45,895 leaving $4,105 to carry over to the fall session.

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